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Talks, Workshops & Conferences


"Abdias do Nascimento: Ecospirituality and Art." Ecologies, Environmentalisms, and the Black Sacred Arts.

May 15 2024. Yale University, New Haven.                                         

L’uomo Delinquente: Repercussions of Criminal Anthropology in the Afro-Atlantic.

May 14  2024.Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.                                         

"The Sacred Pilgrimage of Sodo, Haiti" Pilgern & Heilige Orte transkulturell – glokal – multireligiös

May 06 2024.Theologische Fakultät, University of BaseI.                                           

Book Roundtable- Material Culture in Transit. In conversation with Paul Basu and George Paul Meiu.

Mar 20 2024. University of Basel, Switzerland                                           

"Things as Hierophanies-Three Cases from Afro-Atlantic Religions". Making, Unmaking, and Remaking the Real in and Beyond Ethnography,

Mar 01 2024. Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy.                                           

“Circulating Things: Decolonization and Restitution.” Grasping Anthropology

A conversation with Marilyn Umurungi, Elisa da Costa and Henri-Michel Yéré.

Nov 4 2023. Museum der Kulturen, Basel, Switzerland.                                              

"The Ethnographic Interface: How Not to Study Haitian Vodou". Methods and Media of the Absent/Present. Visual Approaches to Vodun and Vodou.

Sep 14 2023. University of Zurich, Switzerland.                                              

"Matriz Africana": Material Culture as Conduits for Diasporic Consciousness."

Jun 27 2023. Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz.                                               

"Dialectics of a Rooted Diaspora." Ritual Transformations of Consciousness. Second Annual Conference in the Black Sacred Arts.

May 17 2023.  Yale University, New Haven.

Criminal Anthropology Objects in Afro-Brazilian Material Religion

Oct 5 2022. University of Basel, Switzerland.

Ageing and Diaspora." Framing Ageing: A Clinical, Cultural, and Social Dialogue

Dec 15 2020 University College Dublin.

"Transmissions of Ecological Memory through Visual Art in Bahian Candomblé." Environmental Imaginaries: Beyond Observation/Beyond Text.

Sep 30, 2020. VANDA Anthropology Days

Material Culture in Transit

Sept 3-10 2020. University of Bern, Switzerland.


24 June-July 6. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Objetos Rituals em Transformaçao Cultural -Uma Oficina de Crítica Icônica.

June 7-8  2019. University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Techniques of Memory
Landscape, Iconoclasm, Medium and Power. Global Urban Humanities Initiative

Apr 17-18, 2019. University of California, Berkeley.

Global Traces: Art Practice, Ethnography, Contested Heritage

7-8 February 2019. University of Oslo, Norway.

Alterity Revisited- A Closer Look at Transpositions of a Traveling  Concept in the Humanities.

7-8 December 2018.University of Lucern, Switzerland.

Mediatization of Culture: Constructing New Texts and Practices.

Nov. 30 - Dec 1 2018.Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. Moscow, Russia.

Apr 19-20 2018. University of Bern, Switzerland.

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